International dogs and cats transportation 28.01.2020

We can retrieve your animals from almost all areas of Romania (Bucharest – starting point) – Pitesti, Ploiesti, Sinaia, Brasov, Sibiu, Sebes, Deva, Alba Iulia, Cluj, Oradea, Arad.
The following transport for: Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, England / England / Uk is scheduled on 28.01.2020.
In order to make all of the above possible, our company has invested in logistics, currently having two type 2 transport cars and authorized traces, driven by 3 drivers who have certificates of competence to drive road vehicles carrying live animals. They are joined by 2 companions who have as their main task to cover all the needs of the pets during the transport. Therefore, the dogs will have not only drivers to take them to their destination, but also caregivers to ensure that they do not lack anything, that they have no problem during the journey (especially because it is about long distance transport, in some cases even for a few days).

We take every detail seriously, so that the cars are equipped with air conditioning, which automatically performs both the cooling function and the heating function. Only then will the animals feel good and any medical problems caused by improper temperature (during transport, but later) will be avoided. The automatic air conditioning maintains the selected temperature constant, through temperature and humidity sensors. These sensors are placed in important points in the passenger compartment, thus eliminating the need for special intervention during the trip.

Moreover, in both cars there is a temperature recorder, which offers the authorized control bodies the possibility to print the temperature values ​​recorded during transports. In other words, everything remains recorded, promises are certainly fulfilled every time.

Inside the cars there are individual cages of different sizes, used according to the stature of the transported animals. They have increased comfort – both as a space in itself and in terms of security felt (no animal will “invade” the personal space of another transported animal). Each animal will have its own cage, without exception. Feeding is done at least twice a day, and the water is changed often. An aspect worth mentioning is that it will be realized including the leash walk of the dogs, depending on the situation and what is established with the owners.

We also have internet connection throughout the trip, so adopters, owners or rescuers can see photos when we stop, and they will see where we are in real time!
We also keep you updated on every stop, whatever happens with your pet to your destination, including photos until you reach your destination!

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